Hi there, I'm Cody.

I design experiences that advocate for a happier, more sustainable world.

I research, write, and design things for people and places that promote the environment, adventure, education, positivity, and progress.

together4tomorrow campaign website preview


Campaign Branding, Illustration, UI Design

How can we educate people about their right to an education and inspire greater activism globally?


Research, UX, UI Design, Branding

How can we make tracking winter sports faster, easier, and more useful for athletes and enthusiasts alike?

Powder app preview in an iPhone
Topo app preview in an iPhone


Research, UX, UI Design, Icon Set  Development

How can we make long-distance thru hiking easier to plan, safer, and more approachable for first-timers?


Research, Strategy, Branding

How can we redesign a café with a focus on its values that strengthens its ties to artists and the community?

Hand holding a to-go coffee cup displaying the new Hearth branding
Loop app preview in an iPhone


Research, Copywriting, UX, UI Design

How can we make taking steps to combat climate change simpler and incentivize everyday people to take action?

There's more where that came from.

I promise I’m fun, too—I’m not just all UX and research (not that those two are mutually exclusive or anything). You can take a look at a couple of my other projects that are smaller-scale, more fun and whimsical, or that focus on some of my non-UX work (like illustration) if you’d like, too.