My photography, design, and web projects.

Featured Project: Tahoe on Film
Featured Project

Tahoe on Film


Ever since taking my first photo class as a freshman in high school, it’s become one of my biggest passions. I love exploring new places with my camera and experimenting with new films and techniques (I shoot digital, too). Life’s an adventure, and I love that photography helps me capture it.

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Design’s kind of the bridge between the artsy photo side of myself and the more technical web and app development side. I really love working with digital illustration and both print design (like posters, business cards, and artwork) and digital design, like mockups and graphics.

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Web design was what got me interested in computers in the first place. I’d always been into art and making things and web design seemed like the logical next step. I strive for clean, simple and functional and am (ever still) working on turning what I see in my head into functioning code.

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